Monthly Archives: November 2013

Body Powered Sensor Systems for Health and Environment

This talk from Microsoft Research by Tom Snyder (link below) solicits partners to collaborate in the development of new body sensor platform for use in medical applications. He represent NSF Advanced Self-Powered Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) organization of Universities and industry. Their goal is to reduce size of sensors to nano-scale and to remove reliance […]

Analyzing neurological disorders using functional and structural brain imaging data

This talk from Microsoft Research focuses on studying brain paths and functional connectivity. Presently, connectivity thought to be one of the following: Anatomical – relating to neural circuitry and direct neuronal connections (for example, telephone wires) Functional – relating to spatially remote correlations in activity (for example, who talks to whom frequently) Effective – relating […]

Methods, Software, and Applications for Social Behavioral Research

Very interesting talk from Microsoft (if you study sociology and group dynamics). Much of our routine online activity leaves behind so-called ‘traces,’ or electronic records of those actions. These traces have attracted the attention of social, behavioral, and computational scientists, legal scholars, and marketing experts, among others. As people increasingly incorporate web-based technologies into their […]

Computing with Uncertainty

Computing with Uncertainty This talk overviews probability and uncertainty in big data analysis. See more @ Microsoft. The last forty years of the information revolution  have been driven by one simple fact: the number of transistors on a silicon chip doubles every couple of years. The resulting exponential growth in the power of processors distinguishes […]

Active Pedestrian Safety: from Research to Reality

Active Pedestrian Safety: from Research to Reality This is a very good talk about advances in computer vision with applications in automotive pedestrian detection. Details @ Microsoft’s site. One of the most significant large-scale deployments of intelligent systems in our daily life nowadays involves driver assistance in smart cars.  The past decade has witnessed a […]

Tesla K40 GPU

Tesla K40 GPU NVIDIA released new Kepler-based K40 GPU. Technical details are at their blog. The three defining features of the K40 over the previous Tesla flagship product, the Tesla K20X, are: Faster performance:  1.43 teraflops double precision and 4.29 teraflops single precision (3x double). Twice the memory: Jumps from 6GB on K20X to 12GB […]