Interview with Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research

A really very good interview with Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research. In it, Bill references a quote by Bill Hill, a digital typography pioneer and one of the inventors of Microsoft’s ClearType font display technology:

I always talk about this to folks at Microsoft, especially to developers. What’s the most important operating system you’ll write applications for? Ain’t Windows, or the Macintosh, or Linux. It’s Homo Sapiens Version 1.0. It shipped about a hundred thousand years ago. There’s no upgrade in sight. But it’s the one that runs everything.

Here’s a quick summary of the interview On Microsoft’s Channel 9:

Recently I wondered what it would be like to get Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research and Jeff Han from Office together to talk about technology. Bill’s pioneering work in human-computer interaction helped build the foundation of ubiquitous computing. A generation later Jeff Han helped to introduce the world to multitouch design and founded Perceptive Pixel. I didn’t realize they are long time friends who spent the previous evening watching old technology videos at Jeff’s house. They were kind enough to continue their conversation with us.

Interview Links

Part 1

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Part 4


Remembering Bill Hill

Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 – The world’s most important operating system

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