Cryptography Primer Sessions

These are sessions at Microsoft Research by Josh Benaloh. Material is very technical and advanced. Enjoy!

Josh Benaloh is a Cryptographer in Microsoft Research

Verifiable Voting Links and Resources

Benaloh cryptosystem

  1. Symmetric Primitives
  2. Integral Asymmetric Functions
  3. Primes, Elliptic Curves, & Lattices
  4. Attacks, Vulnerabilities, & Practical Considerations
  5. Tools and Applications

Symmetric Primitives

Explores symmetric ciphers, primitives, and protocols – including AES, cipher modes, hash functions, and message authentication.

Integral Asymmetric Functions

Explores integral asymmetric functions including Diffie-Hellman and RSA with an emphasis on how and why they work and the properties they enjoy.

Primes, Elliptic Curves, & Lattices

Explores primality testing, elliptic curve cryptosystems, and lattice-based cryptosystems.

Attacks, Vulnerabilities, & Practical Considerations

Explores a variety of attacks including padding attacks, length-extension attacks, fault-injection attacks, timing attacks, and cache attacks. In doing so, we’ll explore some of the practical considerations which create the vulnerabilities that enable these attacks.

Tools and Applications

Explores some high-level tools that employ cryptographic techniques including zero-knowledge, secret sharing, and homomorphic encryption. We’ll then pull these tools together into the application of developing a verifiable election system wherein voters can check that their votes are properly counted without compromising their privacy.

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