Silicon Valley Rebels

These are the articles and videos from the previous week I found most interesting.

  1. Silicon Valley Rebels
  2. Goats!
  3. Scientists Grow First Working Organ From Scratch
  4. John Muir’s Transformative Climb Up Mt. Rainier
  5. A Secret Refuge for Elk Thought to Be Extinct
  6. Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Deep Cocos
  7. Voyager
  8. Demise of the Kilogram
  9. Compassion

Silicon Valley Rebels


Hierarchical more corporate types always thought it was all about capital but the real question was about human capital.

It’s not enough to say that our objective is to grow and make profit, everyone is trying to do that. I would rather try to find some small company which is trying to develop some product or technology which no one has done yet.

Don’t be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful!

Before Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, there was the “Fairchild Eight,” who built Silicon Valley from the ground up. This film reveals how willpower, jealousy, and the joy of making the impossible possible drove these men to reinvent the American Dream.


It’s Okay To Be Smart

Quite funny look at goats, literally!

Scientists Grow First Working Organ From Scratch

Wall Street Journal

For the first time, scientists from the University of Edinburgh were able to grow a whole functional organ, a thymus, from scratch inside a living mouse. WSJ’s Monika Auger reports. Photo: MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

John Muir’s Transformative Climb Up Mt. Rainier


In 1880, John Muir boldly hiked to the icy summit of one of Washington State’s most recognizable landmarks. He would later go on to became one of nature’s greatest advocates.

A Secret Refuge for Elk Thought to Be Extinct


As many as 500,000 tule elk once roamed the coast of California, but they were hunted to extinction in the mid-1860s. Or so we thought…

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Deep Cocos

Blue World TV

In this exciting Blue World adventure, Jonathan Bird hitches a ride on a submarine down to 1,000 feet at Cocos Island, Costa Rica, where he finds strange fish and even sharks!



In the late summer and early fall of 1977, twin spacecraft called Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 sailed into space, bound for the far reaches of the planets. Like the ancient mariners, they would navigate a vast ocean, the solar system, in a path breaking bid to explore the mysterious outer planets.

Demise of the Kilogram

Sixty Symbols

The days of a “fixed” kilogram seem to be numbered, with moves afoot to set our SI unites based on fundamental constants.
Reddit discussion:
Extra from this video:
Standard weights:
Replica of the Parisian kilogram:
Derek holds a kilo-ball:

This video features Professor Michael Merrifield:


National Geographic

Join host Jason Silva in a series of interactive games and experiments that explore your brain’s capacity for compassion, and question the motives behind both your selfless and selfish acts.

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