Harnessing the nanoscale

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting.

  1. Nanotechnology: Super Small Science
  2. Electric Resonance in Microtubules
  3. Giants on the Cosmic Frontier
  4. Drongo Bird Tricks Meerkats
  5. Feynman diagrams

Harnessing the nanoscale

Harnessing the nanoscale
A powerful solution
Nanotechnology at the surface
Nano-enabled sensors and nanoparticles

Why is something only billionths of a meter in size so important? Dawn Bonnell at the University of Pennsylvania shows how the ability to control and manipulate material at this extremely small scale is having a big impact around the world in medicine, energy, and electronics. “Nanotechnology: Super Small Science” is produced by NBC Learn in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

Electric Resonance in Microtubules

Electricity of Life

As we seek to upgrade our understanding of the outer world around us, it would be wise to similarly update our notions about our inner world. Research groups attempting to generate better models of the mammalian brain have found many surprises, such as the staggering diversity of neuron types. Among this frontier of science, studies of the electrophysics, behaviors, and molecular interactions of microtubules have revealed paradigm-changing facts. How might the many peoples of our species slowly integrate into their cultures this new electrical & likely quantum model of what it means to be alive?

Giants on the Cosmic Frontier


Giant galaxy clusters are the most massive structures in the Universe. Using the magnification effect caused by their mass, Hubble can look deeper into the Universe than ever before. From Hubblecast.

Drongo Bird Tricks Meerkats

Africa – BBC

The Drongo is the Kalahari’s greatest trickster and the meerkats are his victims of trickery but first he must win their confidence… Taken from Africa.

Feynman diagrams


Fans of particle physics often encounter a series of doodles called Feynman diagrams. These mystifying scribbles were invented by Richard Feynman and they encode information on how particle physics collisions unfold. But they have an even deeper significance. In this video, Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln gives you a peek into the deeper meaning of these important scientific pictograms.

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