5 H’s of Leadership

Watch Past International President Mohammed Murad from his 2018 Annual Convention session where he poses the question, is leadership for me? Find out how to answer this as he takes you through his 5 H’s of leadership: Head, Heart, Health, Humility and Happiness.


I have something which is called five H’s of leadership. The letter H. Five words that start with H. And the first one is head. And head has two aspects into it. Because for leadership you will need to have knowledge. And the other aspect of the head is balance. Because we have this ear in our heads and the inner ear’s job is to balance you. H2 – heart. Heart is courage, but there’s another aspect of the heart that you will need to understand, and that is empathy. H number 3 – health. And let me tell you, if there is anyone who is preaching to you leadership without highlighting the importance of health, they are not giving you the full spectrum. Humility. And there are men not many people who talk about humility as an important aspect of leadership. Head, heart, health, humility, and to end it all – happiness. Four H’s make up the fifth one, and there is no way you could have happiness except when you have the head, the heart, the health, and the humility.

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