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On Life, Natural Selection, Evolution, Creation, and other topics

After reading a book by Erwin Schrodinger ‘What Is Life? Mind and Matter’ I made and shared several intentionally controversial comments, one in particular was about Darwin’s Natural Selection which I called nonsense. Result of that was a conversation with someone who argued in favor of it and of God. See for yourself. But first, […]

Neuroaesthetics: Beauty and the Brain

Couple quite interesting talks on evolution. Evolution of Beauty – Genetics How Imagination and Creativity Reshaped Human Evolution Evolution of Beauty – Genetics Talk by Richard PrumWhy have animals evolved a sense of beauty?The Neuroscience of BeautyWe may have the evolution of beauty completely wrongBook The Evolution of Beauty by Richard O. Prum How Darwin’s […]

Who are we to say we are intelligent?

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Who Are We To Say We Are Intelligent? Key moments in evolution Inside Alzheimer’s disease Introduction to Machine Learning Restoring America’s First Muscle Car Who Are We To Say We Are Intelligent?” Neil deGrasse Tyson A discussion on the search for intelligent life Key […]

My picks, 2015-28

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. How Did We Get Here? What it means to lead How Do Catfish See The World? Stanford engineers build a water-droplet based computer that runs like clockwork Bell’s Metal Detector Mysteries of the Brain: Thinking Brain How Bee Orchids Drive Male Bees Crazy Unbelievable […]