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My picks, 2016-5

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Six of the Coolest Surgical Robots in Action Quantum Computing and the Entanglement Frontier Quantum Information and Spacetime Holographic Quantum Codes Pinpointing qubits in a silicon quantum computer Six of the Coolest Surgical Robots in Action IEEE SpectrumWould You Trust a Robot Surgeon to […]

IBM’s five-qubit universal quantum computer

Following are videos introducing IBM’s quantum computer and an article from Ars Technica that explains how it works. A Tour of the IBM Quantum Lab Jerry Chow, an experimental quantum computing scientist at IBM, introduces viewers to the Quantum Lab at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. It is home to a […]

My picks, 2015-25

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. How Does a Transistor Work? Detecting rare cancer cells with sound waves Single Atom Quantum Computing in Silicon Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation Magnetic Propulsion Strange Spider Mating Professor Dave Explains: Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins M62 – Globular Cluster Henry […]

My picks, 2015-23

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Euler’s Exponentials Quantum Computation possible with Majorana Fermions 1979 Bell Labs project for the deaf to communicate over telephone lines using American Sign Language How Did We Get Here? – Dangly Bits Carbon Waste will be Worth More Than the Fuel “BioBot” Roaches Space […]

My picks, 2015-5

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Beautiful 3-D Brain Scans Show Every Synapse Sam Harris Neuroscience vs Afterlife Rabbit Island – Nature’s Weirdest Events Rivers of meltwater on Greenland’s ice sheet contribute to rising sea levels Faster, Higher, Stronger Alex McDowell on Building New Worlds Approaching Titan a Billion Times […]

My picks, 22

My picks from previous week. A Colorful Lunar Eclipse Stunning Timelapse of the Earth From Space The Mysterious Holes in the Atmosphere on Venus Soft Robotic Exosuit Re-engineering Sight Exoplanet Q & Alien GeForce GTX 980 & 970 Product Video Quantum Technologies The Radiology Detective: Utilizing Clues Within High-Tech Imaging Exams to Solve Medical Mysteries […]

Information that deserves attention, 11

These are the articles and videos from the previous week I found most interesting. It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens Climbing China’s Incredible Cliffs Using Neurobridge Biologically inspired models of intelligence How to speak so that people want to listen Quantum Computing 101 Richard Feynman and the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster It’s Complicated: […]

LIQUi|>: A Software Design Architecture and Domain-Specific Language for Quantum Computing

Pronounced as ‘liquid’. This is a talk by Dave Wecker from Microsoft Research explaining latest in quantum research and Microsoft’s accomplishments to date. Following are the links: Video Paper Links Languages, compilers, and computer-aided design tools will be essential for scalable quantum computing, which promises an exponential leap in our ability to execute complex tasks. […]