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Thermodynamics or computation

Cells compute. In each cell in you right now most of the energy burn is going to translation. That is, in the ribosomes where your DNA basically is turned into protein. The ribosomes operate within two orders of magnitude of the thermodynamic optimum which makes them about 10 to the fifth times better than all […]

Mechanisms by which Life self-assembles

This is a transcript of a lecture given by Michael Levin. Applications are for general artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies. Is it possible that some of the limitations of current machine learning is because people have really been focusing on imitating brains and especially human brain architectures? What would happen if we stepped way back […]

What Is the Computational Power of the Universe?

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. What Is the Computational Power of the Universe? Los Alamos works on a biologically realistic computer network Future Decoded Quantum Computing Race for quantum supremacy hits theoretical quagmire What Is the Computational Power of the Universe? Video by National Institute of Standards and Technology […]

Your Future Smart Wristband

This article is a quick overview of the state-of-the-art academic research in wearable sensors as applied to communicating emotion and affection and is based on a talk by Rosalind Picard from MIT Labs at Radcliffe Institute (reference at the end). Although the article is brief, number of references below is significant if you are interested […]