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Ripple Effect in Windows 8.1 Store Applications (C++/CLI)

The sample is a Windows 8.1 application demonstrating simple DirectX effect. This effect will produce a sinusoidal wave across a loaded image, like in a picture below. The code is from the patterns & practices DirectXRipple sample where I upgraded it to VS13, removed deprecated code, and cleaned it up a little. Here’s the solution […]

HDR Tone Mapping C++ DirectCompute Sample

The sample shows how to calculate average luminance of an image using parallel reduction, and then apply it to tone mapping. Additionally, blur and bloom effects can be calculated both on compute and pixel shaders (for comparison) and then rendered. It also demonstrates how to setup and run image post-processing on a compute shader, it modifies […]

AMP Introduction and Best Practices

You can see my article and download the code on the MSDN Code Gallery. I do not want to repeat everything I’ve said there so I will keep it short. The code demonstrates all the important concepts of C++ AMP which you must grasp before moving to more complex scenarios. It starts from acquiring device and […]