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Systems Architecture with the Functional Safety-Security emphasis

I was asked to give a talk on the unification of Functional Safety (FuSa) and Security for which I replied that two disciplines cannot be viewed separately from Systems Engineering. Instead of talking about safety/security interop, I explained how to build complex systems and how these systems fail. Only when you understand that we do […]

Security Architecture for Cyber Physical Systems

Slides I presented at the Automotive Cybersecurity conference at Detroit on Friday. The main message is captured in the last bullet in the Summary: We do not know how to build 100% reliable systems, we only know how to manage risk – your system will fail and you have to build for failure. This was […]

How Toyota Changed the Way We Make Things

Don’t make irreversible decisions in the first place; delay design decisions as long as possible, and when they are made, make them with the best available information to make them correctly. Video by Bloomberg The Japanese Car Company is a corporate behemoth – but it’s done much more than just give us Corollas or Land […]

Integrated Development of Safety and Security Requirements

Reprinted from Technical Papers on the Development of Embedded Electronics by Vector Christof Ebert, CEO of Vector Consulting Services GmbH and a professor at the University of StuttgartEduard Metzker, Solution Manager for Cyber Security at Vector Informatik GmbH Today, the systematic development of safety requirements is essential in developing embedded systems. Due to the growing […]