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Teaching machines to see

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Teaching machines to see Controlling Flight Maneuvers in Flies Semiconductors for an Energy Efficient Future Ask Absurd Questions and Stop Fetishizing Failure How to Play Like a Polar Bears! Teaching machines to see Cambridge UniversityTraining Driverless Cars to “See” Two technologies which use deep […]

AI Alignment: Why It’s Hard, and Where to Start

By Eliezer YudkowskyMachine Intelligence Research Institutea talk at Stanford University for the Symbolic Systems Distinguished Speaker seriesVideo of the talkLong article My Notes: The primary concern is not spooky emergent consciousness but simply the ability to make high-quality decisions ‒ Stuart Russell Exhibit an agent that decides according to utility function and therefore naturally chooses […]

Who are we to say we are intelligent?

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Who Are We To Say We Are Intelligent? Key moments in evolution Inside Alzheimer’s disease Introduction to Machine Learning Restoring America’s First Muscle Car Who Are We To Say We Are Intelligent?” Neil deGrasse Tyson A discussion on the search for intelligent life Key […]

Achieving Superintelligence

By Alex Wissner-GrossPresident and Chief Scientist of Gemedy; IACS Fellow, Harvard UniversityHarvard Institute for Applied Computational Science2016 What is the critical path to achieving artificial superintelligence? This talk will explore the computational science and engineering issues associated with defining intelligence, the role of large datasets in accelerating AI breakthroughs, and strategies for detecting and managing […]

The Master Algorithm

The following are the notes I took from reading the book by Pedro Domingos ‘The Master Algorithm’. Frankly, I did not like the book, it ventures into philosophy and personal musings which are not very informational. His talks at Google and at Microsoft introducing the book and the idea were much more interesting, which caused […]