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Big Ideas for future NSF investments

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Predicting the range of droplet sizes for sticky fluids Additive Manufacturing with Metals What’s harder to understand, a human brain or the universe? Big Ideas for future NSF investments Marie Tharp: Uncovering the Secrets of the Ocean Floor Predicting the range of droplet sizes […]

Inevitable End of Moore’s Law

We should optimally design future SCs like Cell Phones or even human brains so that we never repair them, but simply work around.

My picks, 37

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. The Future of the User Interface Misunderstood Geniuses: William Harvey Flying over Becquerel crater Prairie Dogs Nightmare! Powerful Pack Hunters How An Airplane Is Made Political Theory – Marx Depression and its treatment Extract from A Little Light Relief – 1997 The Future of […]

My picks, 24

These are the articles and videos from the previous week I found most interesting. Who Decided to Put 60 Seconds in a Minute? Which State Looks the Most Like Mars? Drone Footage of Iceland Volcano Eruption Supermassive Black Holes: 10 Astounding Facts Face-Off With a Deadly Predator PlanetQuest Timeline Handpose: Fully Articulated Hand Tracking Nancy […]


Meg Whitman and Martin Fink from HP tell about their vision of the future. This is one of those ‘must watch’ talks. They describe memristor and answer how it will maintain Moore’s law, in the process within the next several years overhauling computer architectures! Any one byte in a rack of 160 petabytes can be […]

Bright, flexible, stretchable: electronics of the future

For those interested in how flexible displays are made or tattoo electronic stickers like those recently demonstrated by Motorola, this talk by Thomas Anthopoulos from the Imperial College in London will describe the technology. Summary Plastic electronics are set to revolutionize the ways we learn, communicate, shop and entertain ourselves.Thomas Anthopoulos, Professor of Experimental Physics, […]

The origins of ubiquitous computing research at PARC in the late 1980s

This is an abridged version of the article. You can find the full version here. Mark Weizer, Xerox Parc Ubiquitous Computing by M. Weiser, R. Gold, J. S. Brown Accepted for publication May 11, 1999. In late 1987, Bob Sprague, Richard Bruce, and other members of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Electronics and […]

Cellular and Molecular Organization of the Brain

These are the articles and videos from the previous week I found most interesting. I will try to post my collection each Monday with new references.. Cellular and Molecular Organization of the Brain http://youtu.be/tN3EWutA5CE Jeanette Norden Jeanette Norden, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Emerita, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, explores how the brain learns […]

Technology Adoption Barriers

Very little to add to these pictures.. But, very interesting story about the origins of Ubiquitous computing, a term coined by Mark Weiser at Xerox Parc in 1988… Please find links below in the references… I must add though, that we know how to solve these problems, given time of course.   References Mark Weizer, […]

Your Future Smart Wristband

This article is a quick overview of the state-of-the-art academic research in wearable sensors as applied to communicating emotion and affection and is based on a talk by Rosalind Picard from MIT Labs at Radcliffe Institute (reference at the end). Although the article is brief, number of references below is significant if you are interested […]