Monthly Archives: May 2019

Career Advice

Control Engineering magazine just published a survey where respondents offered career advice. I extracted some that I thought was the most valuable. You can read entire report in the magazine. I love this quote: Set goals, work to accomplish goals, and don’t worry about anything. Here’s my advice: Dare mighty things! Refuse to do work […]

Origins of the Space Shuttle or The Making of a new Program

I always think that system engineering is about the people who work together having really good communication. And it’s that kind of communication that does good system engineering, tools or not! A little more on solid versus liquid. Solids could be shipped by rail. To say it another way, the diameter of the solids is […]

Think about trust, not threats

A conversation arose today about threat analysis and I responded that I am against this practice of doing threat analysis. I thought that others will benefit from reminding them about design goals and how security fits in them. Threat – countermeasure is easy to explain to a novice but produces very ugly and inefficient systems. […]