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CUDA 5.0 and Visual Studio 2012 Configuration

Note that CUDA 5.5 fully supports Visual Studio 2012.. I will explain in this article how to set your environment in order to successfully write and run CUDA 5 programs with Visual Studio 2012. It takes time to figure out how to get it done and there is very little information on the internet, so […]

ASP.NET Web API and HTTP Byte Range Support

This is a reference to a blog post on MSDN. ASP.NET Web API and HTTP Byte Range Support Here’s the first paragraph from the post: Range requests is the ability in HTTP to request a part of a document based on one or more ranges. This can be used in scenarios where the client wants […]

AMP Introduction and Best Practices

You can see my article and download the code on the MSDN Code Gallery. I do not want to repeat everything I’ve said there so I will keep it short. The code demonstrates all the important concepts of C++ AMP which you must grasp before moving to more complex scenarios. It starts from acquiring device and […]

IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 11

Microsoft released new IntelliTrace Collector tool with Windows 11 which can be used to debug and analyze problems in production. The tool will work with .NET 2.0 and up, where the only requirement is to have .NET 3.5 installed in production environment in order to collect data. In order to analyze trace files you must […]