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Career Advice

Control Engineering magazine just published a survey where respondents offered career advice. I extracted some that I thought was the most valuable. You can read entire report in the magazine. I love this quote: Set goals, work to accomplish goals, and don’t worry about anything. Here’s my advice: Dare mighty things! Refuse to do work […]

What the Moon has taught us

If something works, it’s obsolete ‒ 2010: Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke The reason for the huge successful NASA perhaps to this day is Jim Webb. He was at NASA only for six or seven years and he shaped it. When he became the first NASA administrator, James Webb collected all NASA managers and said: […]

5 H’s of Leadership

Watch Past International President Mohammed Murad from his 2018 Annual Convention session where he poses the question, is leadership for me? Find out how to answer this as he takes you through his 5 H’s of leadership: Head, Heart, Health, Humility and Happiness.   I have something which is called five H’s of leadership. The […]

Designing the future

There’s so much wisdom in this short interview with Bill Buxton! Extracted key quotes below. Technology is not good, it’s not bad, but nor is it neutral. ‒ Melvin Kranzberg The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ‒ Marcel Proust Where is the life we’ve lost […]

Cognitive Era: AI (Accessible Intelligence) Comes of Age

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Cognitive Era: AI (Accessible Intelligence) Comes of Age Electric propulsion: the future by Airbus and Siemens Automatic Motorist (1911) Faraday and Electromagnetism Cognitive Era: AI (Accessible Intelligence) Comes of Age ECE Distinguished Lectureby Bernard S. MeyersonConversation with Dr. Bernard Meyerson, Chief Innovation Officer at […]

Why is life the way it is?

These are the latest articles and videos I found most interesting. Why is life the way it is? Is Epigenetics Inherited? The Elegant Simplicity of the Electric Universe Beyond: Our Future in Space Mistrust of Science Why is life the way it is? Dr Nick Lane ‒ The Royal Society Life is the harnessing of […]

How I find and why I share information

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. ‒ Maximilien Robespierre Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. ‒ Samuel Johnson I have been asked by many to share the secret of […]

Four Lessons for Silicon Valley from Its First Startup

Reprinted from MIT Technology Reviewby Peter Burrows A new book on Hewlett-Packard’s management history offers cautionary tales for today’s leading tech companies. In business as in life, nothing lasts forever — including the growth that high-tech juggernauts such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have enjoyed in recent years. So when the growth inevitably slows, […]

10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings

Reprinted from Brain Pickingsby Maria Popova Life, like the universe itself, tolerates no stasis — in the absence of growth, decay usurps the order. Fluid reflections on keeping a solid center. I remember my first awareness of mortality as a child in Bulgaria. I was nine and my father was relaying an anecdote from his […]

H.L. Mencken on Reclaiming Democracy from the Mob Mentality That Masquerades for It

Reprinted from Brain Pickingsby Maria Popova This fear of ideas is a peculiarly democratic phenomenon… nowhere so horribly apparent as in the United States, perhaps the nearest approach to an actual democracy yet seen in the world. In a recent conversation with the smartest person I know, she suggested that society might have a certain […]