Monthly Archives: January 2013

C++ decltype

Thought to write about decltype but after spending a little time with this keyword realized that the concept is really too simple to spend too much time on the topic. I am limiting this article to pointing the primary place where decltype should be used, and that is in declaring a return type from a […]

Human brain and neuroscience

This is review of a set of lectures released by the Teaching Company and some teasers at the end of this article to entice you to learn more about how the brain works. I will highlight only three items from the lectures to give you an idea of what is discussed in them. If interested […]

Predictions for the next 150 years

BBC published predictions for the future 150 years. I will highlight those that I think are the most interesting or controversial while leaving out those that look already possible or probable, starting from the future and moving towards our time. Unfortunately, beyond 50 years the future looks really fuzzy, and I bet it has to be. Consider […]