Predictions for the next 150 years

BBC published predictions for the future 150 years. I will highlight those that I think are the most interesting or controversial while leaving out those that look already possible or probable, starting from the future and moving towards our time. Unfortunately, beyond 50 years the future looks really fuzzy, and I bet it has to be. Consider what the world looked like in 1963! Would you believe the changes we have had?! I bet current generation does not believe we have not had Internet in the past and that our libraries were the way we googled for the information.

Well, base on Mars in 50 years is possible, but having people in it is a bit too far-fetched. The problem with space travel is gravity. If children were to be born on different worlds, gravity will cause significant gene mutations to adjust body dimensions to the optimal body sizes and weights. I still can’t see humans venturing far into space with modern technologies without fear of significant changes and possibly negative effects on the brain. It is known, for example, that brain volume of flight attendants is smaller than average due to frequent crossing of time zones. Human body is way too feeble and robotic exploration of space looks more reasonable, even in 50 years.

1. Base on Mars

38 years is not that much. I remember reading that Khrushchev promised people in the USSR in 1950s that they will live during communism (where there is no money because it is not needed, where you can take what you need and contribute what you can – that kind of communism)  in their lives. Singularity is not communism, but the dream that a computer will have any intelligence any time soon, forget greater than that of human, is a dream. To build a machine that can think like a human we have to first find where the thoughts come from. Until then, a machine will be no more than a set of instructions programmed in by a human. Good instructions – that may be, but instructions nevertheless.

2. Singularity

Hah, log in from my brain. Possible, I have to admit. Just hook up a reader to a specific region of the brain and it can be done now. Interesting idea nevertheless and I like it. Some people told me that they do not trust their brains for this kind of security (imagine having couple beers, what thoughts you may have).

3. Login

I would love to see a world government, removal of the borders and visas, replacement of politicians with computers running predefined regulating algorithms. 2030 though? Sounds about like communism, a little too premature. Would be or so great though!

4. World government

This one about China claiming moon for themselves is funny. But it may be that big corporations will start competing for ownership of comets and big meteorites. Pluto, anyone?!

Pilotless flights is a reality and would be a great progress.

5. Tracking people

Fusion in 10 years!!! Too near. I think, this target has been sliding by 10 years for quite some time. Achievement would be enormous for the human race. Imagine free and infinite energy! Stars and the universe, here we come!

Third party candidate however… I would subscribe to a no-party candidate elected via Facebook! That would be something!

6. Fusion

Hm… In 9 years? You think so?

7. Upload brain

What I would like to see is a computer able to resolve objects, just like human brain is able to distinguish physical objects form background. 2D picture is already a reality, let’s work on a vision system which can create a view of a physical world.

8. Bionic eyes

This one is impossible for a simple reason that cells can only divide limited number of times. Immortality is out of our grasp.

9. Immortality

See what you think about the future!


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